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Eye Care

blue eye with a reading chartOur office provides comprehensive eye care including a full range of medical, surgical and optical services.  When you come to our eye doctors you can be assured that your eye health will be fully evaluated by highly skilled professionals.

Medical Eye Examinations

During a medical eye exam, our eye team will check your visual acuity and assess your eye for cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration. Drops to dilate the pupils are often used to obtain a detailed evaluation of the retina for each of these three conditions. Special in-office diagnostic tests may be offered to gain additional information about these common conditions and more.

Routine Eye Examinations

During a routine eye exam, eye health is assessed and refractive needs for glasses or contact lenses are measured. Whether you are near or far sighted, have astigmatism or need help refocusing up close (presbyopia), we can introduce to you options for you to function best.

Contact Lens Fittings and Evaluations

Dr. Patel is our optometric specialist who fits new contact lenses and updates current pairs. Having a yearly eye exam with a contact lens evaluation is important to help maintain the health, vision, and comfort of your eyes. Contact lenses are floated by your tear film as they center over the eye. During a contact lens exam, the doctor will evaluate both the contact lenses and eye surface in order to determine which contact lens and care is best suited for your eyes.

These days we can provide you with contact lenses to correct myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (with Toric-type contact lenses.) Additionally, presbyopia which is the decreasing ability to refocus up close after passing 40 years of age, is successfully treated using bifocal type contact lenses.

If you are coming for a contact lens exam, please remember to bring your contact lenses and their specifications (easily found on the contact lens packaging) if we don’t already have them, as well as your eyeglasses.

Diabetic Eye Examinations

Diabetes can damage your vision. It is essential that diabetics have at least an annual dilated medical eye exam. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels of the eye causing leakage, bleeding, or poor blood flow. Early detection of retinal abnormalities through these dilated exams can result in timely effective treatment by our ophthalmologists. Adequate control of diabetic glucose levels also helps improve outcomes.

At Jason Gilbert, M.D., P.C., we have a team of experienced board-certified ophthalmologists who are dedicated to providing high-quality care. Call us at 781-395-9916 or click here to schedule an appointment for your eye examinations.