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About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery:

A cataract is a natural clouding of the old lens in the eye. Cataracts are exceedingly common and typically become significant between ages 55 and 80 years of age. Not all cataracts require surgery. Cataract symptoms can include blurred distance vision, poor night time or daytime driving vision, hazy or dull vision, glare with lights, blurred reading vision, poor vision for hobbies, poor color vision. Early cataracts commonly cause changes in eyeglass prescriptions. When diminished vision from cataracts impairs important functions, then it’s time to consider cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is among the most commonly performed surgeries in the United States. It is highly effective, comfortable, and safe. It is one of the true miracles of modern medicine.

Dr. Gilbert has over 20 years experience in cataract surgery. He has performed thousands of highly successful cataract surgeries.

Dr. Gilbert removes the cataract through a tiny incision that requires no stitches. The cloudy cataractous lens is disassembled and removed using an ultrasound and vacuum system know as phacoemulsification (“phaco”). Contrary to common belief, it is not a laser procedure. A new, clear lens implant is inserted through the tiny incision and unfolded into a similar position as the natural lens. The lens secures itself in place, and functions for at least the next 70 years! The entire cataract surgery is painless and lasts 10-20 minutes. It is done with the patient awake and with the eye numbed or asleep.

After the surgery the cataract patient will get up and walk out of the operating room and relax for 20-30 minutes with cookies, juice or coffee before going home with no patch or shield. The total time at the surgicenter is about two hours. Patients who have vision in only one eye will stay longer at the surgicenter after surgery, but will also leave with no eye patch or shield.

By the next day or sooner, vision is dramatically improved in the vast majority of patients. Additional improvements may occur in the next one to two weeks in some patients. If you are considering cataract surgery, find out if you are a candidate for a Premium Intraocular Implant.

For those with special medical or other needs, please let us know in advance when you meet with Dr. Gilbert and his staff. We take interest and pride in facilitating your needs. Transportation to NSCLS is available on the day of surgery for those that have no other means of transportation.


Where will the Cataract Surgery Take Place?

Cataract surgery is not done in the office and is no longer generally done in the hospital. Dr. Gilbert performs cataract surgery at the North Shore Cataract and Laser Center (NSCLS) which is located at 91 Montvale Avenue, Stoneham, MA.

The NSCLS is highly specialized and experienced in cataract and eye surgery. This cataract surgery center has a competent and friendly staff that helps make your eye surgery a great success and a welcome experience. They help us provide you with a cataract surgery experience that is unsurpassed anywhere in Massachusetts.

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